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Holly is a magically talented
illustrator, who can bring any
story to life with a sparkle
every time'
- B B Taylor

Holly is a freelance illustrator based in Liverpool, UK. She has painted murals in schools, shops, homes and businesses. Visit the 'Murals' tab for the full collection of Holly's murals. Her work has a warm, colourful style and is cheery and engaging. 

Holly illustrates books for children and loves painting murals. Her work is mainly fantasy orientated, and as well as creating her own designs, she is able to replicate other illustrators' styles such as Quentin Blake, which enables her to accurately reproduce famous works onto walls, such as characters from Julia Donaldson books.


Her work is versatile, and although her style is very child-friendly, adults love it too!

'Holly is a magically talented illustrator who can bring any story to life with a sparkle every time'

- BB Taylor

'Holly always manages to create something wonderful'

-Lorna McCann

Click on this box to access an interview with Holly by Emma Gray at Freshly Press Author Services - talking about inspiration, routine, and why books are so important...

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