Hi! I'm Squish the squirrel. I'm from the book series 'A Bushy Tale', written by Bob Stone and illustrated by Holly.


I live in The Woods with my friends.  Holly has asked me to show you around the mural page, which was a bit of an inconvenience as I was out collecting nuts for supper, but I don't mind.

Below you'll find lots of examples of the mural work that Holly has done. I think my favourite one is the woodland mural, which is in Write Blend bookshop, in Waterloo - myself and my friends are on there somewhere!

Squirrel Coffee Trailer

National Trust, Formby.

Painted in acrylic, sealed by a car lacquer to ensure long term weatherproof protection.

Painting Process

I design murals suitable for in the home, schools and public places. 

My murals are painted using acrylic paint, for vivid colour and long lasting results. Sometimes a glittery sheen is added for a lustrous effect. 

I am open for commissions and I look forward to discussing your project with you!

© 2020 Holly Bushnell

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